RIP Det. Luca Benedetti

RIP Det. Luca Benedetti


Detective Luca Benedetti was shot and killed as he and other detectives executed a search warrant as part of an investigation of a series of burglaries.

The detectives approached the apartment, identified themselves, and asked to enter. They waited an extended period of time with no response before forcing entry into the apartment. The suspect was laying in wait inside and opened fire as the detectives entered the apartment.

Detective Benedetti and another detective were both struck. The subject was also wounded by return fire and later committed suicide.

Detective Benedetti was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.

Detective Benedetti had served with the San Luis Obispo Police Department for 12 years. He is survived by his wife and two children.


Det. Bendetti was highly respected amongst his peers and fellow LEO's in the central California area. We will miss him greatly, and are keeping his family in our prayers. Below is the link to his family's GoFundMe, where any support is greatly appreciated!

For further support, we at Babes N' Bullets are donating the proceeds of each sale of our NEW WARRIOR TEE to the family of Detective Benedetti. 

Rest easy sir, we've got it from here.